Stella Emsellem, D.O.

I graduated from Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine where I received the Ram's Head Award for outstanding performance in the study of Osteopathic Manual Medicine.

I completed a Traditional Internship with a focus on Osteopathic Manual Medicine and studied as a Resident of Osteopathic Manual Medicine and Neuromuscular Medicine (OMM/NMM) at Mercy Health Partners in Muskegon, MI. I was drawn to the field of OMM because of the underlying philosophy and ability to use medical knowledge combined with creative expression to help patients realize their full functional potential.

A movement enthusiast in both professional focus and life, I spend my free time learning more about the body through physical activities and watching my kids grow. I have participated in a variety of sports, which continue to teach me about how the body can strengthen, perform, sustain injury, compensate, decompensate and recover. I am an avid cyclist and runner and maintain a dedicated yoga practice. My athletic endeavors also include downhill skiing, swimming, hiking, sailing, paddle boarding, tennis, lacrosse, kickboxing, and dancing. I participate in a number of organized bike rides throughout the year, including riding with my mother, Dr. Helene Emsellem, on her Dream Team.

I grew up in the DC metro area attending a local high school and Connecticut College for undergraduate studies. I have been back in the area for over 10 years, helping people and growing my own family. Being a mother doctor has invigorated my passion for working with babies and toddlers. I firmly believe that extended tantrums, constipation, rashes and recurrent infections are signs of a system in distress, and I work with parents and kids to mitigate and eliminate these issues. My passion is helping people of all ages propel themselves to a healthier life trajectory and reach their full functioning potential.