“I am a 65 year old male that incurred a neck injury after my car was rear ended in 1995. I have suffered from neck pain and loss of range of motion ever since. Over the years, I have seen numerous doctors and have taken their prescribed medications that only transiently relieved the symptoms. After actually taking the time to listen to me, Dr. Emsellem was able to find and treat the underlying problem. Thanks to her, I do not need any medication, my range of motion is much better and I am not suffering from neck pain anymore. As one who is very guarded with his praise I can truly say she has a gift for healing.” – Eric
“Part of life at a desk job is a constant nagging neck pain, back issues, and shoulders that are too tight to move. I have sought medical attention for these issues over several years and did not find relief until Dr. Emsellem was able to evaluate the issues as a system and resolve them together rather than treating just one thing as most doctors do. My quality of life has greatly improved, and I no longer dread going into work.” – Catherine
“As a college athlete participating in both track & field and football, I have had more injuries then I can count. One of the injuries was rupturing my achilles tendon. Dr. Emsellem did a great job of helping me rehab it back to normal strength and flexibility such that now the only remaining memory of the incident is the surgical scar. I also hurt my back and neck lifting in the gym to the point where it was too painful to walk. With Dr. Emsellem’s treatments, I was able to walk with ease and did not have any lingering pain. My body is very important to me, and I could not have trusted a better person to take care of me.” – Ricky
“I am a hair dresser and required wrist surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. Weeks after the surgery, I was still in too much pain to return to work and my normal activities. I received a few treatments from Dr. Emsellem, and it was absolutely amazing. The swelling and pain in my wrist went down, I could feel the changes in my body instantly and I was able to resume working. Dr. Emsellem really cares about her patients and truly helps to heal them through treatments.” – Chae
“My shoulders have been under tremendous stress due to years of playing rugby. One day, I got into a bike accident that left sharp pains in my left shoulder, which I thought spelled the end for serious athleticism. However, it only took one session with Dr. Emsellem to get me back on the path of recovery.” – Andrew
“After 8 weeks of breast feeding without a breast feeding pillow, I was having a lot of pain in my shoulder and neck. Dr. Emsellem’s care helped to find the root of my injury and provide relief. The individualized attention she gave me was warm and inviting while being professional and knowledgeable.” – Eva