My Approach

The Osteopathic Manual Medicine techniques serve as a starting point to begin thinking about how the body functions, malfunctions, and responds to external healing inputs.

I am trained in many techniques, (such as Muscle Energy, Functional, Strain/Counterstrain, Cranial Osteopathy, HVLA, Still Technique, Myofascial Release (MFR), Facilitated Positional Release (FPR), and Visceral Manipulation,) and will use this training and the philosophy of Osteopathy to assess the best approach for each patient.

I follow the Osteopathic Tenets:

  1. The body is a unit; the person is made up of body, mind and spirit.
  2. The body has an inherent ability to regulate, heal and maintain itself.
  3. Structure and function are interrelated.
  4. Applying these concepts we can develop a rational treatment plan that respects the body.

Using these tenets, medical training, and the belief that your body is a biotensegrity structure that is meant to be in motion, we will find a treatment that works best for you. This means sometimes we might work with larger motions moving your limbs or torso, sometimes I might have you use force or respiration in conjunction with me, or we might work on much more sensitive and deeper structure that require very little obvious motion.

Diet and lifestyle play an oversized role in how bodies function, so visits often include conversation about food and habits. Working from established evidence-based medicine, I individualize my recommendations by personal history and findings on osteopathic exam to promote a robust microbiome. My goal is to help you achieve as high a level of functioning as possible and get back in motion living your life with more ease.